Endre Borbáth

Junior Professor • Heidelberg University • WZB Berlin Social Science Center


I am a junior professor for Empirical-Analytical Participation Research, working at the Institute of Political Science at the Heidelberg University. I am also a guest researcher at the Center for Civil Society Research at the WZB Berlin Social Science Center.

Research interests: political participation, party competition, social movements, civil society, cleavages, comparative politics, Western Europe, Central and Eastern Europe, research methods.

Previously I worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the Freie Universität Berlin, and at the WZB Berlin Social Science Center. I received my PhD in December 2018 from the European University Institute. Before that I studied political science at the Central European University with a focus on electoral politics. You can find my more detailed cv here.

To get in touch you find my contact information here. If you would like to book office hours with me, please use this link.

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recent news [full archive]

May 14, 2024 New paper with Pál Susánszky ‘Party system transformation from below: protests by Jobbik and LMP’. We examine how the protest presence of Jobbik and LMP contributed to the transformation of the Hungarian party system. We use two datasets of protest events and trace these parties from the first Jobbik sponsored event in 2002 to the 2022 elections.
May 06, 2024 We wrote a new German-language chapter ‘Risikokonflikte und die Restrukturierung des Parteienwettbewerbs’ with Swen Hutter. We examine how are conflicts around climate change and Covid-19 embedded in the political space. We use both supply (on election campaigns, 1976-2021) and demand side data (Political Barometer 1985-2022, and the GLES post-election surveys 2013-2021).
Apr 09, 2024 I’ve drafted the syllabi for the seminars I will teach in my first semester in Heidelberg:
  1. Political Conflict in Western and Eastern Europe (MA)
  2. Introduction to Political Participation Research (BA)
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selected publications

  1. Acta Pol.
    Party system transformation from below: protests by Jobbik and LMP
    Endre Borbáth ,  and  Pál Susánszky
    Acta Politica, 2024
  2. Blauen Band
    Risikokonflikte und die Restrukturierung des Parteienwettbewerbs
    Endre Borbáth ,  and  Swen Hutter
    In Wahlen und Wähler - Analysen aus Anlass der Bundestagswahl 2021 , 2024
  3. WEP
    Cleavage politics, polarisation and participation in Western Europe
    Endre Borbáth ,  Swen Hutter ,  and  Arndt Leininger
    West European Politics, 2023
  4. PolBeh
    Differentiation in Protest Politics - Participation by Political Insiders and Outsiders
    Endre Borbáth
    Political Behavior, 2023