party-movement interactions

forms of interaction between the electoral and the protest arena

The share of party-sponsored protests from all organized protests in a country. From Borbáth & Hutter 2020.
Studying the different forms of interaction between the electoral and the protest arena is a topic I love to explore from a variety of different angles. The research lies at the intersection of the literature on party competition and social movement studies. It encompasses both a large n statistical overview and selected case studies designed to illustrate the different mechanisms of how parties and protest movements interact.

I do most of this work with Swen Hutter, we are currently working on a book manuscript on these questions.


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    Open access online
  • Borbáth, Endre, and Swen Hutter. 2020. “Are Political Parties Recapturing the Streets of Europe? A Cross-Regional Study of Party Protests in the Great Recession.” In Contention in Times of Crises: Recession and Political Protest in Thirty European Countries., eds. Hanspeter Kriesi, Jasmine Lorenzini, Bruno Wüest, and Silja Häusermann. Cambridge University Press, 251-272.
    Access online

Working papers

  • Borbáth, Endre, and Swen Hutter. 2019. “Party System Transformation from Below: Protest by Jobbik and LMP in Hungary”