Endre Borbáth

Political Sociology • Freie Universität Berlin • WZB Berlin Social Science Center

I am a postdoctoral researcher, working at the Institute of Sociology at the Freie Universität Berlin, and at the Center for Civil Society Research at the WZB Berlin Social Science Center.

Research interests: comparative political sociology, party competition, social movements, political participation, crisis politics, cleavages, Eastern Europe, research methods. You can find more information about my ongoing research, published in scientific, or general media outlets.

Previously I received my PhD in December 2018 from the Department of Political and Social Sciences of the European University Institute, with a thesis on “Parties and protests in crisis-hit Europe: continuity and change in the structure of political conflict”. Before that I studied political science at the Central European University with a focus on electoral politics. You can find my more detailed cv here.

To get in touch you find my contact information here. If you would like to book office hours with me, please use this link.

For recent updates, feel free to browse my Twitter feed.

recent news [full archive]

Apr 24, 2022 I reviewed “Extreme Reactions - Radical Right Mobilization in Eastern Europe” by Lenka Buštíková for Party Politics. You can access it here!
Apr 20, 2022 New publication: our article on “Protest and Electoral Breakthrough: Challenger Party-Movement Interactions in Germany” with Manès Weisskircher and Swen Hutter is available open access in German Politics. Check out the paper here!
Apr 2, 2022 If you are interested in the upcoming Hungarian elections, we wrote 1) a short blogpost in German on the effects of the war; and 2) a longer analysis in English on the party offer. Both are the result of a cooperation with the PRECEDE project, partly based on their voting advice application.

selected publications [full list]

  1. German Pol.
    Protest and Electoral Breakthrough: Challenger Party-Movement Interactions in Germany
    Weisskircher, Manès, Hutter, Swen, and Borbáth, Endre
    German Politics 2022
  2. Gov&Opp
    How do populist radical right parties differentiate their appeal? Evidence from the media strategy of the Hungarian Jobbik party
    Borbáth, Endre, and Gessler, Theresa
    Government and Opposition 2021
  3. Party Politics
    Protesting Parties in Europe: A comparative analysis:
    Borbáth, Endre, and Hutter, Swen
    Party Politics 2020