Sep 26, 2020 New project presenting the collection of public opinion polls conducted in the run up to the 2020 Romanian Parliamentary Elections. See here.
Sep 18, 2020 Our piece, co-authored with Olga Löblová and Julia Rone, on the health and economic policies implemented during the Corona crisis in Central and Eastern Europe has been published by the Conversation and by Qubit in Hungarian. Stay tuned for our forthcoming chapter on the topic!
Sep 1, 2020 Our chapter, co-authored with Swen Hutter, with the title “Are Political Parties Recapturing the Streets of Europe?” has been published in our latest CUP POLCON book, “Contention in Times of Crisis - Recession and Political Protest in Thirty European Countries”.
Jun 1, 2020 We are starting a new project on “The Potentials of Civil Society: Solidarity and Crisis Management” to examine civic and political engagement, as well as the development of civil society organizations during the Covid-19 crisis. To find out more about our project, please check the website.
Apr 6, 2020 We launched the Observatory for Political Conflict and Democracy - PolDem a joint initiative of the European University Institute and the WZB Berlin Social Science Center. You find on the website a multitude of data on protest events, election campaigns, and public debates.